Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Wonderful and Sometimes Maddening Love of Two Brothers

First off here is the Story of the Day:

So we are still in, what seems to be, the never ending stage of potty training our two year old, Jasper. To make life and laundry easier we have been letting him run around with just a long t-shirt on and nothing else. We also have 2 little doggies, Emma (a Schnauzer), and Buddy (a Pomeranian), who need to be let out often. So last night Jasper, who just recently learned how to open doors, let the dogs out for us. Then stood there in the doorway with it being 12 degrees outside, in just his little shirt. So we told him a number of times to get in the house and shut the door.

Finally I tell him, "Jasper, get your little tush in here before your pee pee freezes and falls off!" haha With a look of shear fear, he slams the door and runs to his hiding spot and tells his little peepee "It otay peepee, all bedder." My husband and I just about died!!!

I just love the wonderful relationship between my two sons! Just yesterday Quinton drew this family picture for his little brother. Dad in the wheelchair with his cast on his broken leg and all.

As I am currently writing this, the two of them are running around the house with super man capes on and ridding my house of every possible bad guy imaginable. Although they are boys, dress up and imagination are one of their favorite pass times. I am in little need of entertainment with these two around. Don't get me wrong they are kids and sometimes not only drive me crazy, but give me a full tour of the nut house, padded walls and all!

I try my best to get a picture each time I am able to get them to slow down enough that they are a mere blur. For your pleasure, here are some of the better pictures I have been able to take! :)

Have a blessed day!
Jacque Heaton

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