Friday, February 7, 2014

The joy of having a two year old!

Somehow all of our baby gates we have put up, to keep dogs in the kitchen when we are gone and keep a mini monkey out, seem to have been broken one by one! 

"How have they all broken?" you may ask.
By the mini monkey, who knowing he couldn't go through the gate, would continually try to go up and over the gate. Seeing that this is gate #3 and he is old enough, to his dismay, we are now learning boundaries! At least we have been able to put his potty in the bathroom, as he no longer splashes in the toilet. Progress is always a good thing lol!!!
He was so cute last night. I try to read a book to the boys every night, last night they picked "Goofy Takes Off: An Adventure in the Switzerland"
 In this story there is a little brother named Hans, who is trying to prove that is a bigger boy then he really is. Throughout the story Hans continually says, "I'm not a baby!"
Every time I would read, "I'm not a baby!" Jasper would exclaim, "NO, I DA BABY!" I was so adorably funny I almost couldn't finish the book, I kept laughing so much. 
Out of all the jobs I have ever had, being a mom is the hardest, most demanding, time consuming, maddening, job I have ever had. It is also my very favorite of all, my co-worker is amazingly supportive and helpful, my clients are the cutest in the world, I get paid in hugs and kisses, "I love you Mom," notes, and snuggles. I love being a mom!

God bless,
Jacque Heaton

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