Friday, April 18, 2014

I have finally started listing items in my Etsy Store!

It is only 2 items but I feel like I have gotten the ball rolling at least! I would really love for you all to go check it out. The items are for sell for a good cause; My neighbor's sister passed away a couple of months ago and I was helping her go through her sister's things for support. Her brother in law, at the young age of 90 something, just couldn't deal with the stress of it all. He was actually going to just donate it all to a church here in town.

Well, when we started going through everything, I couldn't believe all the wonderful vintage clothing she had. As we all know funerals are expensive, as if loosing a loved one is not hard enough, the financial burden of paying all the bills is tough. So I asked them if I could take them and sell them on Esty. Given their age, I had to do a bit of explaining, and they loved the idea. So 80% of all the processed are going to him and will hopefully give him a sense of relief.

So far here are the items I have listed:
 (Click the links under the pictures to go to their Etsy pages)

My goal is to list one or two items a day as there are so many more I need to list. If you love vintage, you are NOT going to want to miss a single piece!

God bless!

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