Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Building Up the Temple Sunday School Lesson with Craft!

This was such a fun lesson and my Sunday School class LOVED it!!

Above is my six year old son's beautiful work of art!

The lesson I used, was to teach the children was how the Church is not a building rather; it is made of God and His people. God is our foundation and we are the building blocks.

For a fun song to go along with this craft I used "Building Up the Temple," as it is a cute song with fun body movements that help to get wiggles out.

Click each photo so you can print them in the correct sizing. It is best when printed on cardstock as that is much thicker than regular paper. Have the children color them first and then cut them out. 

The dotted lines are tabs that you fold and use to glue the 2 side and roof together. If you are using color crayons make sure to tell the kids not to color on the tabs as the glue will not stick due to the wax.

There are so many ways this craft can be applied that your imagination is the limit!

Please, if you are going to share this project, keep in mind that I have drawn this out myself and hold the copyrights to it. So if you are going to share this craft make sure to give us the credit and link back to this sight. Thank you in advance!

Hope you all have a wonderful time with this, I know my Sunday School kids really did!

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