Saturday, February 1, 2014

My Boys Being Total Hams

Last night Quinton tells me, "Mom I want to sing a song, for your blog and Facebook." I already had my laptop on my lap doing my school work, so I turned on the web cam for him. Of course anything big brother does, little brother has to do also.Their favorite part was being able to watch themselves while they sang.
Sorry for the poor video quality.

Quinton and Jasper presents:

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

God Bless,
Jacque Heaton

Friday, January 31, 2014

Homemade Cleaner Without Nasty Chemicals!

On my road to a healthier lifestyle, one of the things I have been trying to do is get rid of as many chemicals from my home as possible. This is a cleaner my mom always used, unfortunately in all my, "I know everything," attitude of youth, I had for gotten about it until about a year ago. A huge plus as a parent is, if any kids get a hold of it, this is nowhere near as harmful to them as the store bought cleaners.

1 cup vinegar (apple or distilled)
3 cups water (hot is better but cold works just fine)
1 tablespoon of Dawn dish soap

What I was not expecting was 3 things: 
  1. How much money I would save.  A large bottle of vinegar runs between $2-$5, Dawn Dish soap between $.99 for a small bottle to $4 for a large bottle,water $0, squirt bottle $1 at the dollar store. Your average cost per bottle runs around $.20 verses $4 to $8 per store bought stuff.
  2. How it works so much better than the expensive cleaners I had been using.
  3. How multi-functional it is: Not only does it clean and disinfect, it also eliminates orders. I use it on just about everything: counters, walls, tile, hardwood floors, windows, and the best yet the bathroom!
    With my household of four, three of which are, my husband, my 6 year-old son, and my 2 year-old son, (whom we are currently in the process of potty training), I'm sure you can imagine the mess and nasty boy bathroom smell. What I like to do is keep a spray bottle just for the bathroom. That way once or twice a day I can spray down the toilet  inside and out and quickly wipe it down with a paper towel or toilet paper. I never have to do the major job of scrubbing off the crusty build up.
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God Bless,
Jacque Heaton

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

IBS...What's that?

I have been on a journey of health for the last 2 and a half years, basically, ever since I had my second son, Jasper. It was a very difficult pregnancy which you can read about in my post Introductions. I have been poked prodded and have had enough blood work done I'm surprised I have any left. It was found that I have a slow thyroid. I even had to have my gallbladder removed. Through it all my diagnosis (except my thyroid) was all maybe's until now.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS, seems to be one of the main culprit to my pain and suffering. What is IBS? Well I have been on the hunt to find the answer to that question. Thankfully, I have a wonderful Digestive Health Doctor, who has been such a huge blessing. I only wish we could have met sooner.

IBS is usually brought on by a time of extreme stress, mental or physical, and one who has it will feel the attacks of intestinal pain normally during times of stress. What I was told by my doctor, is that IBS is painful spasms of the intestines. This can cause some or all of these symptoms: pain, constipation, diarrhea, malnutrition (due to the fact that one is unable to properly digest food), bloating, headaches, pain from head to toe (due to all the nerves associated with the digestive tract), loss of hair, and the list goes on.
IBS Low Starch Diet  has a great diagram below:
Why does stress make it worst?
When one is stressed the body sends out stress hormones called cortisol and epinephrine that end up in your stomach. A normal digestive system will digest those hormones, with IBS those hormones stay in the stomach and that's bad news! My doctor told me to get as de-stressed as possible. I had to laugh and told her, "I'm a part time college student, homeschooling my six year old, try to keep up with my two year old. All while catering to my husband who just broke his leg just before Christmas and now has a plat and ten screws in his leg." To which she laughed and replied, ", you are going to be experiencing flare ups!"

What do you do if you think you might have it?
1. Go to your Doctor! It is an embarrassing topic however it won't go away on it's own. In fact it will only get worst.

2. Diet is key to IBS, you will need to eliminate a lot of foods, mostly ones that contain high amounts of fructose, glucose, and lactose. (I have to say I miss my cheese and yogurt!)
Appetite for Health

3. Miralax will become your best friend!! You can take it everyday, all it does is pull water into the colon making it easier for you to go. It can be pricey, so if you have good insurance ask your doctor about being prescribed Polyethylene Glycol, it's the prescription form of Miralax. I had just found out about this today at my general doctor's office, with how much I was taking it will end up saving me $40 a month!

4. Probiotics! More then not if you have IBS enzymes in your digestive tract are all out of whack, that is if you have any enzymes at all. This makes it even harder to digest foods, the probiotics stabilize and/or increase the enzymes making digestion a much less painful processes,

5. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day. The movement gets your blood pumping, helps get things moving, and it's great for your body.

6. Keep a log. Log what you eat, when you ate, your stress level, what is your pain level, and your daily bowel movements.

This is all things that I personally have been doing over the last 2 weeks and already I have seen a huge difference. However, if the pain doesn't completely go away by my next appointment in 3 weeks I will have to go to Step 7.

7. The FODMAP diet. It is a very strict diet for 6 weeks and then you slowly bring in foods to see what or if certain foods trigger your IBS. To find out more here is a very informative page at Web MD:  Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Health Center
A few other websites my Digestion Health Dr. gave me are listed here, click the names for their links:

Hopefully this will help others as much as it has helped me. Just remember your Doctor is your greatest weapon in fighting this, don't do it alone!

God Bless,
Jacque Heaton

Monday, January 27, 2014

Short Post for a Crazy Busy Day: Jasper Bug!

I have been trying my best to keep up with this blog on a daily basis, and I don't want today to be any different. You will most likely see a trend on Mondays. All of my work and quizzes from the previous week are all due on Mondays, so this is my cram and pray for the best day lol. Mix that with having to help Quinton with his school and trying to keep Jasper happy, sometimes I have to take a break just to search the house for where I miss placed my brain lol.

I was trying to get as much studying done last night, but was having a bit of distractions. Here are some pictures I took from my laptop web cam while trying to do my school work, as you can see I was having unwanted, but very cute help:

At any rate here are a couple of cute videos of my little Jasper Bug:
This one was from yesterday (1/26/14) after he woke up from his nap
This one was as he was laying down for a nap about 3 months ago:

Hope you all enjoy.
God bless,
Jacque Heaton

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday School: Daniel in the Lion's Den, The Power of Prayer!

I had so much fun today in Sunday School. It was the first class since moving into our new building. I have missed being a SS teacher and all the fun that comes with the lesson, crafts, and kids! I wish I had gotten a picture of the class but I was to into it to remember.

In my research for this lesson, I ran across some wonderful resources for the Lesson:
Daniel in the Lion's Den, The Power of Prayer!
Here is an awesome PDF slide show with pictures and story. Here is the PDF link:

Here is the adorable craft print out for making a paper bag puppet. Click the picture to make it bigger to download and print:

Here is Quinton's finished puppet: 

The emphasis was on the power of prayer; because of Daniel's faithfulness to prayer, not only was he saved from the lion's den, but the king and the whole nation, where given the gift of living for God.

God Bless,
Jacque Heaton