Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nature Walk in the Park

Spring is in the air and the Idaho winter cabin fever is slowly fading away. There have even been two days this week where I had all the windows in the house open. The crisp fresh air felt and smelled so wonderful. 

Yesterday, Quinton and I got a chance to sneak away while little brother and Daddy took a nap. I love these special times with him. All the great stories and ideas that he comes up with are awesome. At times I just look at him and think, "How am I so blessed with such an amazing little guy?" He is no perfect angel, as he has a little kink in his halo. Some days, along with his little side kick, Jasper, I have been known to be driven a little bit crazy. But these moments that make it all worth it.

This is the exercise trail that has little work out areas, Quinton wanted to stop and do each one.

This kid has far more energy then I could even think of having!

Trying to do chin ups lol!

Since the above picture's bar was too high, he opted for the shorter one.
"Look Mom I did a chin up!"

The trail map, we were a little out of order, but it was still fun.

Sidewalk shadows

Me and my beautiful boy, I love how the sun is shining in on this picture.

And he is off again!

This is an old fireplace in-front of the playground. He wanted a picture inside "The Cave"

He is just as happy as I am that things are finally defrosted and turning green!

Hope you all enjoyed our little nature walk in the park. I know we did!

God Bless,
Jacque Heaton

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sorry for almost a week of no posting.

As I mention in the title sorry for the long time since the last post, life has gotten a little bit crazy. The last week was my spring break from school, but it was more of a Spring Catch up on everything lol.

This next week is going to be kind of crazy too. My neighbor's sister passed away last month and I have been helping her go through a lot of her things. Her sister was one classy lady! To do a bit of a fund raiser for my neighbor's brother in law I am going to be putting a lot of her vintage items in my Etsy store. So that means a lot of photos and editing and writing the item descriptions. But I will have more of that later when I begin to list the items.

Also today I am starting my first accounting class, up until now I have been doing only my General Education. So I'm a little nervous because Accounting is what I have been going to school for. We'll see how it goes! I am still hoping to keep up on the posts but if I don't at least you all will know why.

God bless,
Jacque Heaton