Saturday, March 29, 2014

School, Sickies, and Snuggles

Hopefully the majority of this post will make sense. I have been up night after night. First Quinton was sick with a fever and body aches. Next it decided to hit me and it about wiped me out. After me, Denny had the pleasure to experience it and now it's Jasper that is feeling sick. I tried getting a cute picture of him with his bee wings on and being all snugly, but I ended up with this instead:
I had to chase him around just to get this much lol. 

I was so blessed earlier this week when our neighbor and good friend brought over these beauties:
As thrifty as I am, I will actually pay $4 for a dozen for the free range organic eggs from the store, and she brought over three 18 egg cartons of them! And talk about tasty. We have already gone through half of them.

Other than that there has not been a whole lot going on around the Heaton home except home school for Quinton and my college studies. I just started my first accounting class last week, despite the huge assignment load, I am really enjoying it. I was so worried about it for so long (since Accounting is what I am going to school for) and I am doing much better then I thought I would, so that is a huge bonus.

The main thing I am having a hard time with is managing it all with all the sickies going around this house! If it's not the kids keeping me up, it's me trying to get as much done while the kids are asleep. I feel like my head is in a total fog. 

This morning, I walked into the kitchen 4 times to get my morning medications and kept forgetting then would walk back out with a cup of coffee or a sippy for Jasper. I even started doing the morning dishes, all with the nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. Finally, after Quinton walked into the kitchen while I was at the sink and asked me if I remembered to take my medication yet, I stopped everything and did it right then. I kid you not, if my head wasn't attached it would have rolled away and I would be staring at a bush or something while my body ran around trying to find it. Then my whole house hold would be in trouble! lol

So as I stumble through the week half awake, and begin to find myself becoming over whelmed with the little things my brain should be capable of doing, I have to stop, take a breather, have a little talk with Jesus and remind myself of this little quote I found earlier in the week:

And on that much as I don't really want to....I have to be getting back to my studies! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

God bless,
Jacque Heaton

Monday, March 24, 2014

My New Addiction: Coco Banana Quinoa Flaxseed Pancakes

Ok so for all my fellow low-FODMAP dieters and healthy people alike, I have to say these are amazing, and like the title says, my new addiction. Think about it healthy, filling yummy, sweet, these pancakes are all in one. You can even give your kids what they see as chocolate pancakes and you can feel good about it!

Another thing that I love about these is how easy they are to make, the recipe is so easy you can memorize it after the first time you make them. Depending on how thick or thin you like your pancakes, you may want to adjust a few things to your liking.

2 lg. Eggs
1 Ripe Banana
1 1/2 cups of Almond Milk
1 cup Gluten Free Coco
1 cup Quinoa Flower
1 cup Milled Flax Seed
1/4 cup Stevia
Coconut Oil for the pan and flavor

Crack and whisk the 2 Eggs
Mash in the Banana

Poor in the Almond Milk and Mix

Add in the Coco and Stevia

Next the Flour and Flax Seed

Pre-warm your pan to med. heat
add a little coconut oil and do a little tester
(in case you need to make a tweak or two)

I like my pancakes to fill the whole plate.
Just like regular pancakes, once you see the bubbles starting to stay open they are ready to flip!

Don't worry when they turn up this dark, they aren't burnt. 

If you make them the same size I do, then you will end up with four very filling and satisfying pancakes
I top mine with some local honey.

Hope you enjoy!

God bless,
Jacque Heaton