Friday, May 2, 2014

Gardening with the Kiddos!

I am so excited about Spring! I love it! Here in Idaho Spring and Fall are definitely my favorite seasons with all the wonderful weather and nature's beautiful colors; Spring's flowers and Fall's leaves. Another thing I love about Spring....Gardening!! It is one of my favorite pass times. 

Growing up we almost always had a garden and I have to say working in the garden with my mom, brother and sister are some of my favorite memories. These are the kind of memories I want to pass on to my boys! There is something so gratifying about sitting down for a meal and knowing where it came from and all the hard work that went into it before it ended up on your plate or in your bowl.

I know many people could care less about organic and non-GMO, however I like knowing that my food is the same as it was over 100 years ago. Yes it is a lot more work and worth it all. So I did my research and found that the Natural Grocers in Boise, ID had a beautiful array of organic non-GMO seeds and I bought a lot of them…maybe too many but we will figure it all that out as we plot out the garden. I have some great ideas for vertical gardening (thank you Pintrest!)

So what are we planting? 
Scarlet Nantes carrots, White Libson onion, Crimson Sweet watermelon, Speckles Butterhead lettuce, Salad Bowl Blend lettuce leaf, Marvel of 4 Seasons Butterhead lettuce, Stevia, Minnesota Midget melon, Utah celery, Early Prolific Straightneck squash, Homemade Pickles cucumber, Blue Lake BP beans, Gold Rush BP beans, Royal Burgundy BP beans and Alfalfa sprouts! I'm so excited!

Here are my awesome helpers! Making the same memories I love so well!
(Excuse the messy shelf in the background, things are in messily organized mode, due to getting things ready for the move this summer. But who could resist such cuties in this picture? Not to mention that I could care less about a mess when my babies are making memories!)

I had a bit of a hard time getting them to stay still long enough to get clear pictures as they were so excited!

Quinton's latest smile, he takes after me I guess. I tend to smile so big I can't see! Ha!

All planted, labeled and watered!

If you are going to use cups as we did above make sure to poke wholes in the bottom of each cup to allow for draining and not over watering the seeds.

One thing I have found out about to keep an organic garden bug to add bugs! Lady Bugs that is, they are great for keeping aphids at bay and like bees they help to pollinate your garden. It's best to get ones you can buy at a local nursery. Local lady bugs are more likely to make your garden their home if they are familiar with the environment.

Keep an eye here, on The Home of the Heaton's Blog, as I will be adding my next post all about how to keep your garden organic with out all the pesky pests.

Happy Spring all!!
God Bless,
Jacque Heaton

Monday, April 28, 2014

Homeschooling My 6 Year Old 1st Grader: George Washington Carver

Quinton just had to write a mini story on George Washington Carver (c. 1864–1943).

 So we stopped to take the time to watch a documentary on him, Carver being born a slave was able to, literally, start from the bottom and become one of the best agricultural scientists of his time, despite the fact that he was black. After reading about him some and watching 2 mini documentaries, Quinton looks at me with the saddest eyes and asked:

"Mom why was there ever slavery?"

So I told him that there were a lot of greedy people who wanted people which they turned into slaves so they wouldn't have to pay them and many slave owners were very cruel and didn't care about the people. Then I explained that there were slave owners that were good, but it is not good to own people as if they were furniture. He continued to ask about slavery so I did my best to answer the questions in a way he would understand.

Next thing I know he is all teared up, and tells me; "Mom people are people no matter their color, God loves everyone. Slavery is evil and I am so glad it is illegal now because it would break my heart to see anyone a slave no matter what their skin color is."

Have I mentioned today how much I love this little boy and his amazing heart? I am one blessed momma!

For everyone here is the link to the site we went to, it has a great written bio on him and video biographies of him: Click the link to visit the page we just used.

This is his short bio Quinton wrote on him (GWC stands for: George Washington Carver)

"G.C.W. found 100s (hundreds) of ways to use peanuts. G.W.C. was a teacher that helped black people study plants like sweet potatoes. G.W.C. helped black people learn to be farmers and how to get the most out of their crops" -Quinton

God Bless!
Jacque Heaton